Top 3 Free Alternatives to CleanMyMac

Just like any other device, your Mac needs regular cleaning to help it perform better. Cleaning in this case we mean removing junk files, uninstalling unused apps, and sometimes threats from your device to aid with its performance.

One of the top options you can use for cleaning your device is the CleanMyMac X software. This software has multiple tools integrated into one. As a result, with a single scan, you can uncover several issues affecting your device.

Here are some of the functions you can expect to get with the CleanMyMac X tool.

  • Deleting junk files to create more space
  • Speeding up your Mac through optimization
  • Uninstalling apps, you barely use
  • Scanning for threats on your system
  • Remove large and old files etc.

Maybe you are looking for something different other than CleanMyMac X. What would be the best alternative? It is always good to have options as cleaning tools for your Mac device. Below, we look at the top 3 alternatives to CleanMyMac X worth considering.

1. MacBooster 8

MacBooster 8 is the latest update of the famous MacBooster software. With a new update, we expect that the software is better than before. For those who do not know about MacBooster 8, it is a software designed to help optimize Mac devices. There are various functions, it can do to help in boosting the performance of your Mac device.

Features of MacBooster 8

  • Deep System Cleanup

MacBooster 8 features up to five cleanup tools that you can use for removing gigabytes of junk files. Once these files are removed from your device, you should find it working better than before. This is an important tool for most users running a smaller SSD hard drive.

As part of the cleanup process, the tool deletes the system junk with one click. It will go through your whole system to identify various types of junk files. Once they are identified, you will have the option of choosing what to delete.

Large files can quickly fill up your small SSD hard drive. The software will identify the large and old files for you to decide what to do with them. Some you can delete while others transfer to an external hard drive.

Still, as part of cleaning up the Mac, there is also a duplicate file finder. Duplicate files can take up a lot of unnecessary space. You now have the chance to remove them.

  • Performance Boost

MacBooster 8 is also ideal for boosting the performance of your device. This is done through features such as Turbo Boost, Memory Clean, and Startup Optimization.

Turbo Boost function is for optimizing your disk so that finding the files is easier and faster.

Memory Clean is important for emptying your RAM as it fills up. This ensures your RAM is optimized for faster performance such as loading apps and the operating system.

Startup Optimization is essential so that the system can boot up faster than before. The number of files that have to be loaded during the startup process affect the performance of your device. With optimization done, you should have a Mac that boots faster.

  • Full Security Protection

You should never have to worry about your device‚Äôs protection when you have MacBooster 8 installed. This is because it offers full Mac security protection against viruses, adware, spyware, and malware. The software is still ideal for privacy protection as it can delete malicious cookies from the browsers.


  • It will help you reclaim more disk space by removing junk files
  • It has multiple useful tools for optimizing your device
  • The software is easy to use with its sleek interface


  • The developer could improve the interactivity of the software to avoid removal of some important files

2. CCleaner

CCleaner from Piriform has been around for years now. Over the years, it has gained popularity because of its capabilities. Users were now able to take care of their devices better. The software is ideal for various functions such as cleaning, uninstalling apps, finding files, optimizing the startup process, and much more.

Features of CCleaner

  • Optimizing your computer

If you ever have hopes of running a faster Mac, then you need to optimize it. If your Mac is running slow, then you need to optimize it through running this software. It will go through the device to find and remove the junk and unused files. To speed up the boot times, the software will disable some of the Startup items.

  • Reducing clutter

Cleaning your Mac should be a breeze with CCleaner. It will clean your Mac to remove any old clutter. Such clutter includes temporary files and folders, files in Trash, broken permissions, and much more. CCleaner is still ideal for uninstalling apps from the Mac with a click of a button. The uninstallation includes the removal of any hidden files related to the app.

  • Offer safe browsing

Advertisers love to track the behaviors of their visitors through cookies. However, not all cookies are safe. Also, not everyone would feel comfortable with such cookies in their browsers. To remove cookies and restore privacy, CCleaner is an ideal tool to do so. It will also remove the browser history and provide you with a safer browsing experience.

  • Ease of customization

It is good to know that you will have the chance to customize the CCleaner to work as you want. The option of selecting what you need to remove or keep is crucial to avoid deleting important files.


  • Offers real-time system monitoring
  • The interface is easy to use
  • It comes with privacy protection features
  • It has a secure-deletion tool


  • Comes with a lot of license limitations

3. Parallels Toolbox

Parallels Toolbox is a top Mac cleaning tool for years now since its first release in 2016. The toolbox is not just for cleaning your Mac, but also for other functions. The toolbox has over 30 tools that your Mac needs to function better. As a result, it is why many people are using it right now. We will look at a few tools to help you understand what the toolbox is all about.

Notable Features for your Mac device

  • Clean Drive

If your drive is filling up, then the performance of your Mac device is affected too. The solution is to find the files taking up a lot of space and remove them. The Clean Drive tool scans the system for such files and lets you choose the files to delete. With disk optimization, the Mac device works faster.

  • Free Memory

Freeing the memory is essential for optimizing the performance of your Mac device. Instead of using the old-fashioned method that requires restarting the device and pressing several keys, this one clears the memory with just one click.

  • Find Duplicates

File duplicates can take up a lot of space on your hard drive. The problem is that you would not know where these files are located. With the Find Duplicates tool, you can now find them and decide what to do next. Always preview the results after scanning to decide which files to delete. 

  • Uninstall Apps

Simply moving apps to Trash does not mean that they are uninstalled. They still occupy space in Trash and other related files are on the system. With this option, you can scan and until all the apps you no longer use. Here is a video on how to use the toolbox for uninstalling apps. 


  • Has over 30 tools to use
  • The tools are easy to use
  • The new version has more new useful tools for optimizing your Mac


  • The panel window could use better organization

In Summary

It always feels good to have an optimized Mac performing great just as it should all the time. That can only be possible if you have the best tools installed. If you were looking for the top alternatives to CleanMyMac X, now you have them listed above. Choose the one that you feel works great for you and have it set up on your Mac. Optimizing your Mac should be a continuous process. Consider doing it weekly to keep the Mac working great always.