CleanMyMac X vs MacBooster vs AppCleaner | Which Is Better

When it comes to Mac optimization and maintenance tools, you really have to do your research before you choose the best software to install.

These days, security issues are rampant among Mac users, and there is actually some malware posing as optimization software to get in and hack your Mac computer.

For beginners and non-techy Mac users, this can be a very tricky job. Choosing the best optimization tool to use is a critical factor in maintaining the cleanliness and safety of your Mac, and what you don’t want to happen is to be tricked into buying a Mac cleaning software only to find out that you’ve been scammed.

In this article, we are going to review three of the most popular Mac optimization software on the market– CleanMyMac X, Macbooster, and AppCleaner. We are going to discuss their range of optimization tools, safety features, as well as a comparison of their interfaces to see which software is the best tool for an average Mac user.

Comparison of Core Features


CleanMyMac X displays a clean and polished user interface that is a solid selling pointer for this particular product. It has a wide array of ochre effects, crystal-clear backdrops, sublime icons, and orbed edges.

It’s basically beguiling and keeps everything readily available without any sort of inconvenience.

On the other hand, Mac booster has a straightforward, intuitive interface. The dashboard itself has all the tools you need to identify, evaluate, and eliminate the files that can harm or slow your computer.

Meanwhile, Appcleaner prides itself with a smooth, drag-and-drop interface. It’s beginner-friendly and very instinctive. The interface diverges into three key tabs: Tools, Options, and Cleaner. Under Cleaner, it coordinates four additional tabs where you can filter out the file categories you need to tidy up, such as browser cache.

Functional Capacities

CleanMyMac X utilizes incredible algorithms that hive off iTunes litter, mail attachments, photo clutter, and system junk.

It keenly helps your hard drive split off macOS localizations, user log files, obsolete updates, language files, system log files, and user cache files.

Though CleanMyMac X has more in-depth key features, Macbooster performs excellently in the field that it is known for: a memory manager and a disk cleaner for Mac.

It has a feature that even CleanMyMac X doesn’t have– a Duplicate file remover. This feature detects and recognizes duplicate photos and files in your Mac and recommends them for deletion.

Appcleaner does not have the progressive features characterizing CleanMyMac X, but it does come with a lot of upkeep and cleanup utilities. It clears away browser caches, illegitimate Registry keys, temporary files, plugins, and widgets. It finishes off the suite with a committed uninstaller tool.

Software Availability and Price

Mac users much enjoy AppCleaner because it has a free and readily accessible version. CleanMyMac X and MacBooster also offer a free version, but the tools are limited.

For CleanMyMac X, you have to shell out $39.95 per year, or you can opt to choose the one-off price of $89.95. Macbooster is relatively cheaper for a one-time price of $39.95 for a single Mac.

Note: For Windows users, CleanMyPC by Macpaw and Advanced SystemCare 13 PRO by iobit are some that can come close to CleanMyMac X.

Unique Features of Macbooster, CleanMyMac X, and AppCleaner

CleanMyMac X

As an all-in-one Mac cleanup utility tool, CleanMyMac X lives up to its name. No competitor has ever gotten close with this app’s amazing capabilities, and here are some unique features to tell you why:

  • Space –CleanMyMac X can reclaim over hundreds of gigabytes in storage space with one cleanup.
  • Verification –It’s one of the only few apps Apple notarized for being safe to use.
  • Tools –It can clean up every system junk available on your Mac.


Macbooster got its popularity with Mac users due to its high level of user control, polished design, and overall thoroughness. Its competitors claim that they are the best all-around disk managers.

Here are the three features that make MacBooster unique among the rest:

  • Appearance – Attractive and the visual design is easy on the eyes.
  • Speed – Macbooster only needs a few seconds to scan your whole disk.
  • Depth – It has a feature that tells users information in a way that even non-techy Mac users can understand.


As an uninstaller tool, AppCleaner is very efficient, and its features below are why the app is considered top tier:

  • Cleanliness –The app’s compact window has an ability to stay in your desktop background without meddling with other open windows.
  • Speed –Because of its drag-and-drop feature, it’s never been easier to find and delete groups of files without having to pull up every file individually from Finder.
  • Control –All users have ultimate control when deleting files. The app lets you check every file individually before they eliminate them from your disk forever.

Advantages and Disadvantages of CleanMyMac X, Macbooster and AppCleaner

CleanMyMac X Pros

  • Superior speedup and optimization tools
  • Smart file monitoring
  • Has a suffusion of cleanup features and advanced capabilities
  • Beautiful interface
  • Safe and easy processing

CleanMyMac X Cons

  • No cheap pricing options available
  • Free version too limited

Macbooster Pros

  • Flexible control for file removal
  • Thorough cleanup of duplicate files
  • Incredible real-time activity monitoring and security settings
  • User-friendly
  • Intuitive surface

Macbooster Cons

  • Replication of MacOS built-in system optimization tools
  • No thorough description of given functionalities

Appcleaner Pros

  • Clean interface
  • Cleans up widgets, plugins, and apps
  • Free downloadable product
  • Incredible uninstaller tool
  • Simple and easy to use application

Appcleaner Cons

  • Unfit to restore storage space
  • Menial features


If you’re looking for an all-in-one tool that provides every system optimization option you can think of, then out of the three apps we discussed, CleanMyMac X is the best product for you.

Granted, the one-off price can be really scary to look at, but you can’t deny its array of features that are all worth every single penny.

Besides, CleanMyMac X is the only app out of three that is notarized by Apple. If that isn’t an explanation enough for you, we don’t know what.

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