These days, Mac owners can rely on well-known application software to optimize their Mac. Although there are lots of offers available on the web, there are two apps that are more popular among the rest– CleanMyMac X and CCleaner.

In this article, we are going to compare and discuss these apps’ features, pros and cons, as well as the price difference so you could make a well-informed decision if ever you’re thinking about using a Mac optimization software.

We are also going to talk about the controversial software Mackeeper, why many users claim it’s a scam, and how to remove the app from your app using Malwarebytes.

Optimization Features – CleanMyMac vs. CCleaner

CleanMyMac represents a multi-support stockpile at the higher finish of the spectrum with a scope of inbuilt RAM optimization, additional aftercare properties, and other essential cleanup solutions.

CCleaner’s compatibility with dominant platforms such as Android, Windows, and Mac predominates it’s Mac OS-only counterpart with a big fan base. CCleaner has an intuitive interface to spruce up and scan your Mac.

Safety & Security

CCleaner’s free package comes with privacy protection, unlike CleanMyMac. Privacy protection keeps JavaScript or cookies that gather during Internet browsing.

It hinders tracking by fishy networks to secure your online presence. Sensitive and confidential data is regularly kept in cookies.

Ease of Use

CleanMyMac may have a more stylish and aesthetic interface, but it’s also what makes it more complicated to use and discards useful features. If you’re new to the app, you may be overwhelmed by the dashboard because of the details.

Be that as it may, it generates a high quantity of data and is very intuitive, like its feature where you can see a bird’s eye view of disk contents.

CCleaner epitomizes a no-hassle software you can count on as a laptop or desktop optimization and cleanup tool. It has a beginner-friendly and sleek interface, which means that any task can be done with no frills.

Free and Paid Packages

The pricing range of CCleaner, along with its free package, is inclusive of countless repairs or scans. If you prefer, you can upgrade to a premium package with $24.95 for fewer licenses to get priority support, program updating, junk management, and automated browser cleanup.

With CleanMyMac, you have to spend $39.95 or alternatively take out five licenses to slice off 55% from the original buying price. Its free bundle trims down the amount of junk expendable to 500 MB, but its basic features remain.

Other Functions

CCleaner cleans up your Mac, performs comprehensive scans and fixes repairs in just a short amount of time. It’s intuitive analytics give you maximum control over your system settings and apps.

What it does is that you can manually choose redundant caches, logs, files, and other digital trash with just a click of a button. CCleaner includes a top-notch startup optimizer, uninstaller, and Erase Free Space, which makes it one of the frontrunners for malware and junk-cleaning apps.

The Erase Free Space feature removes unseen remnants of deleted files from your computer permanently. CleanMyMac’s arsenal of features ensures that your Mac is clutter-free.

Want to improve your RAM? You can do so with just a click of a button.

It filters everything, including pre-introduced applications and frameworks, to annihilate junk files completely.

CleanMyMac includes the expansion, a document shredder, the private chief, and an uninstaller. It launches not that concentrated upkeep tasks such as fixing circle authorizations, re-ordering the Spotlight search application, and evacuating stores.

Pros and Cons of CCleaner and CleanMyMac


1. Compatible with other key platforms aside from Mac 1. Fewer maintenance options and features
2. Unique features such as privacy security, browser cleanup, and overwriting of unused space 2. Cannot commit to old and large files or data
3. Browser junk deletion available in free package
4. Intuitive, clean, and simple interface
5. Performs comprehensive repairs and scans in just a short amount of time
6. Produces a broad list of cookies for manual deletion



1. Runs precise and super-fast scans to system junk 1. Complicated settings
2. Restores huge amount of free storage space in just a few clicks 2. Not compatible with other key platforms such as Windows or Android
3. Maintenance suite is equipped with lots of features for easy fixes
4. It swarms off digital debris in Trash, iPhoto Junk, System Junk, and other categories
5. Inventive features such as Applications Reset, Updater, Hung Applications, and Time Machine thinning


What is MacKeeper?

There may be no other app in the Mac universe that is as controversial as Mackeeper. This software’s job is similar to CleanMyMac and CCleaner, except that there is a large number of Mac users who claim that Mackeeper is a scam.

The app became infamous because of its aggressive advertising and affiliate marketing. According to some users who experienced Mackeeper, the app acts as a sort of malware that slows down their computers.

There was also an issue back in 2015, where a researcher and white hat hacker named Chris Vickery found a database containing over 13 million worth of Mac owners’ accessible data, including passwords and other sensitive personal information.

According to Vickery, he quickly uncovered four IP addresses in an openly accessible MongoDB database using the Shodan search tool. In there, he found a range of data such as activation codes and software licenses, system information, IP addresses, phone numbers, passwords hashes, usernames, email addresses, and even real full names.

Because of his discovery, he tried to contact the company that owns MacKeeper, Kromtech. However, he was unable to talk with anyone involved, so he warned other issues in Reddit and posted the problems he discovered.

Kromtech only responded when they learned the issue was gaining a lot of attention on Reddit, and according to them, they were able to fix the problem within a matter of hours.

Other issues of the app include:

  • It can erase your hard drives
  • It automatically deletes Photos
  • It can’t be removed entirely from your Mac
  • It misplaces documents
  • Problematic annual subscription fees

If it’s your first time coming across Mackeeper, the surging amount of hate it gets is easy for you to stay away from the app. One of the most common problems of this controversial software is that it’s tough to delete from your computer.

Learn how to completely remove MacKeeper

Once the app is installed, it allocates a lot of support files and data to various locations on your computer that a simple uninstall process is not enough to remove them all, especially when your luck made you download the older version of the app.

According to the official website of Mackeeper, here is the proper uninstallation process:

Step 1: From the main menu of Apple, click Go > Applications.

Step 2: Double-click the Mackeeper logo or icon in the new window.

Step 3: Click on Preferences from the Mackeeper menu.

Step 4: Hit General in the window that appears.

Step 5: In the Show MacKeeper icon in the menu bar, uncheck the box.

Step 6: Click on Quit from the Mackeeper Menu.

Step 7: Enter the administrator password to save changes.

Seems straightforward, right? However, you’ll find that you aren’t entirely rid of the app. There’s a more in-depth process to annihilate the app once and for all. Here are the steps:

Step 1: Install Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware for Mac.

Step 2: Hit on the Scan button.

Step 3: In the new window, check the boxes of any software you would like to get rid of.

Step 4: Click Confirm.

Step 5: Once the changes are made, restart your Mac PC or laptop.


Both CCleaner and CleanMyMac are more than capable when it comes to management features, optimization, and intelligent cleanup in Mac computers. In the end, consumers will more likely look at the price as the deciding factor.

To sum it all up, CCleaner is a more simple software then CleanMyMac. It offers excellent features such as program updating, junk monitoring, automated browser cleaning, cookie listing, a startup optimizer, quick analysis cleaning, and of course, the Erase Free Space.

The free version of CCleaner is also not bad, with its other premium features offered at affordable prices.

With CleanMyMac, you are assured of a top-tier cleaning solution for your Mac. You may have to spend a little more than CCleaner, but its capabilities are more than enough to make you purchase the app.

It has lots of comprehensive performance-boosting features, and other maintenance options to flush caches, repair permissions, and so much more. Besides, you can scratch off a significant amount from its original price by claiming it in valuable software bundles or opt for more licenses.

With Mackeeper, we are not 100% sure that the rumors of this app being a scam is true, but it’s better safe than sorry. There are lots of cleaning solution alternatives for your Mac such as the two we featured today, so our advice is, don’t take the risk!